Tweeps – It’s actually a thing. On Twitter. Tweeps are what people call themselves on Twitter streets. Twitter + Peeps = Tweeps (if this is not the right equation then I have no idea where they got it from). The bottom-line is, Twitter used to be this big place that we escaped to when we needed a break from everyday life, like every tea or lunchbreak; and for a few minutes after work to (maybe) check on other tweeps. But for the longest time now, people are always lurking about on these streets. There is no perfect time for tweeting anymore (even though some bloggers write long blogs about the best times to tweet – scratch that and tweet at your own time, we will get your tweets).

So, just like in normal living arrangements, there are those humans that stand out for you. They are unique and draw your attention for different reasons. I have my favourite tweeps. Some of them are the reason why I joined Twitter to begin with (actually I joined Twitter because back then, my crush had fire tweets but he has since lost his mojo and I’m not feeling him like that anymore) and some of them are the reason why Twitter never gets old. Others have taught me so much about life that I want to meet them in real-life and thank them and others, let’s just say they have all the 4-1-1 on there.

Popularly known as #TweetInNdebele (yeah, he’s that guy who got everyone tweeting in Ndebele and unknowingly started a movement), he’s basically the coolest Ndebele-speaking tweep on Twitter right now, if not ever. He has a way with words that always cracks me up. He tweets about everything from Literature, to Literature to more Literature, is obsessed with Half of a Yellow Sun (someone help him find Kainene please) and almost always finds a way to throw in a Ndebele word into the mix.

I remember when I first started following him. He was basically the only one tweeting in Ndebele on my TL, so I figured I’d do the same. Although I wasn’t as effective as he is, I’m glad I learned that you can tweet in whatever language you desire. Your people will find you.

He changes his Twitter name so much that the only way to recognise him is from the creepy font/characters he uses for his name. I know Nqoe from varsity. He was my classmate for four years and has been my friend since our 1st year so imagine meeting him on Twitter and he’s a whole different character. If ever anyone had multiple personalities, it’s Nqoe. In class, he was nice-guy funny but on Twitter, he’s savage-funny (I’m starting to believe him when he says he’s a piece of shit 😆😆– his words not mine).

He claps back at “those” people who think Twitter belongs to their families, he provides sarcastic commentary for celebrity beefs and has a knack for retweeting and creating funny tweets which we are sleeping on (they should be trending). This one time, he went viral and had like, thousands of retweets for tweeting about The Undertaker interrupting the Mayweather fight. He only has 92 tweets but the impact, the impact!

I’ve known this girl my whole life but her tweets always surprise me, in a good way. Tsitsi is one of my faves because she always picks the best Twitter names. Always. Not Yet Uhuru, Registered Voter Bae, Qui facit alium facit per se. She holds her own in this department. I tried to be Registered Voter Bae 2.0 at some point but it backfired. Also, Tsitsi seems to know the coolest people on Twitter (the likes of Craig and some really cool engineers) so if you’re looking to connect with the who’s who of Twitterland, specifically engineers, her TL is your best bet.

Beaton is one of my faves because just like me, he’s a writer and a blogger (and a pretty good one too). I relate with most of his tweets because they portray the behind-the-scenes life of a writer. This one time he tweeted a tweet that I know I was thinking of tweeting at some point but he beat me to it. It was about how you have to angle your laptop screen at a downward angle so the light from the screen illuminates the keyboard when you’re typing in the dark (I do it all the time, I’m doing it right now).

We are kindred spirits, Beaton and I. We are both crazy about words and we’d forego lunch break in favour of squeezing in an extra hour of writing. The only thing we disagree on is coffee. On that one, he’s on his own. His blog Becoming The Muse is one of the realest blogs in big old 263.

The KoffeeKween. The foodie. The blogger. It’s weird how I’ve never met her but her tweets give me a glimpse of her true personality – warm and full of life. She could make a whole career out of just living life. I like how she tackles real-life issues in her tweets without sounding judgmental or preachy. I respect her for addressing mental health issues (most of us distance ourselves from these issues in public) and for pushing hard for women empowerment (no one supports the girl child harder than Anci, no one!). Also, I feel that 1Magic’s The River should give her the reins on their social media pages for just a day…I get the feeling she has never missed an episode and that she has quite lot to say to the Lindiwes and Njabulos!

Special mentions
My list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the rest of tweeps who make reaching for my phone the second thing I do every morning when I wake up. @callmetinashe (whose main government name is Craig really) tweets about the everyday life of a book-loving, book-hoarding engineer. He is also in search of Kainene (anyone with details, please assist these gentlemen). @Thandi_Nyoni (she calls herself Madam Hazard these days after being Kumkanikazi for weeks) makes the list because she’s cool. It also helps that she’s my shamwari, my shamz. She keeps it real on these streets with the occasional clap-back, bursts of tweets that go viral – after all, she works on Twitter! Badass Social Media Manager who convinced me that we could make second careers out of social media and we did! Then of course there’s a tweep close to my heart who’s been taking South Africa by storm as Duma on Isithembiso. Yes, I’m talking about @Lethu_ZA. One day I’ll write a WHOLE blog post about how we became friends and what a down-to-earth, go-getter and hard worker he is, but for now I’ll just say that it really is possible to make real friends on Twitter! Then of course we have my favourite DJ, uDJ wami , the King of Hearts, husband to Tatenda and daddy to a new baby girl @escapewitheskay whose wise words and priceless voice got me through trying times. If you ever listened to the Love Lounge, I’m sure you know what’s up! I follow him on Twitter mainly because that’s where he drops the links to his SoundCloud!  Lastly, this is not a tweep…but it’s the Telemundo fanpage for the African audience @Telemundo4Afric. I used to think I was alone on Telemundo then BAM, this page happened and I discovered 300+ other fellow followers. What can I say; I can now watch Aaron Diaz in peace knowing other people see what I see.

So to my favourite tweeps,  y’all keep tweeting🔥🔥🔥

(Image by iyriza-Wordpress)